No More Jockeys (starring Alex Horne, Tim Key & Mark Watson)

Dog in the safe


Absolutely in the danger zone of just being do drunk that they can’t really remember any categories. 2 hours in, and they’re all still there…

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No More Scrotumed

When you really think about it, of course I fell asleep. Just gone back in and watched the final 20 minutes.
The whole thing was great fun!

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Didn’t realise until near the end that i could watch it on catch up after. Found it a bit of a slog at 3 hours! No wonder they find it hard to remember all the categories

Ah I don’t think that option was available last time so I was afraid of pausing it


can you watch the lives anywhere afterwards? didn’t realise it was happening until now. will happily pay.

don’t think so, but i hope they might edit them and post them up on the channel eventually.

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@HotBeefTrauma mind if I change the title of the thread to No More Jockeys?

Name another?

Yes that makes perfect sense


Sturgeon! :grinning:

Anyone else going to watch the live NMJ tonight?

(Tried to share the link from Dice but can’t!)

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Yup, I’m in!

Also, if anyone can’t afford it, or has a little extra to share, this is really nice from the BTLs: :slight_smile:


live NOW

missed the start because Taskmaster

Couple of weeks behind on the main show actually

Playing Penelope Pitstop right after ‘no more people who own a private jet’. Vintage.


was very much done by Key’s quickfire interview questions, particularly ‘would you wear all the things they told you if you were a soldier?’

Fell asleep in the last 10 minutes again didn’t I? Just caught up. Nick Leeson/Liam Neeson song from Watto was a highlight, as were Key’s Horne insults.

‘You can’t do shit. If there was no such thing as comedy, you’d be in a world of trouble’ :grinning:

Had such a good time with the live show last night. So many proper belly laughs.

Loved today’s new ep too. These three really have been providing such a valuable service during this last year for me. :heart:


Key was on great form this episode