No more world cup


Dont @ me

Resume your normal lives please and sober up


was good though wasn’t it


2010 was better tho m9

it wasn’t.


there was a world cup?


World Cup chat over



Rest day at Le Tour too. Fuck am I going to do all day?

Suppose I’ll go to work.

Fucking capitalism.



i can finally stop drinking so much

other than meeting a mate for beers in 3 hours, plus a meal with my sister tomorrow before she goes back to Australia, a big one on Saturday plus 3 (three!) work nights out next week

then again i could always do those things without drinking



how will you get through the nights?


night 1 is a team night out, we’re going to play darts. will be fun but darts and drinking are very very much activities that go together

night 2 my friend who works at an agency will be there and might buy all my drinks so kinda hard to say no

night 3 i might skip


Mood right now.





Already dreading next summer.