No morning thread?

Im off to play golf for the first time this decade, with ex dissers @bastardcat @brokenchairs and @sonofmotherofbamos


good morning. had a nice walk into work listening to ABBA, now listening to type O negative. been quite the day already! just made coffee, got loads to do. better crack on tbh.


Going to ottolenghi spittalfields for breakfast.

Probably go to the mains musuems. Might go on the London Eye. Potter round Hyde park.

Shattered and cba doing anything.

Also, my friend is a really slow walker and it’s driving me up the wall.

just having a second breakfast

my sister’s staying with us this weekend, not really got many plans tbh

Quick poll - wearing a jumper draped over shoulders, loosely tied arms

  • Great idea
  • You’re not an italian model mate
  • You’re about to play golf - you’re already at your nadir so who cares

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No! Morning thread!


Going to Newcastle! Gonna stroke my pal’s hair so much.



Gotta review 340 Sectional Running Times today. Some topiary this evening and then think about the weekend ahead - that’ll include a fair chunk of writing, I think.

Also need to talk down a few people at the football club from the high perch they currently find themselves on.

Off to the doctor in a bit to find out why it hurts to, y’know, breath and exist. Expecting to be told there’s nothing wrong with me and I’m imagining this lump in my side.

Then I’ll be doing no work while staring at my front door waiting for my Switch to be delivered.

Give those three fine men my very best wishes. Golf is shit, but I’m still very envious.

I’m spending today at work but then it’s climbing, pizza and beer. Tomorrow I’m sanding floors all day.

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Had a fried egg and Linda mac sandwich. Working til 3 then going to watch Fulham lose to Derby County at football

Fuck, it’s pissing down here! Got soaked on the way to work.

Turns out loads of people are taking half-days in here so it looks like we’ll be busy after lunch. Playing guitar/bass/keyboards as an auxiliary member of Land Crabs tonight, which should be fun.

Happy with the poll results


I’m just about to book a golfing holiday with some mates for next year as it goes.

Yep, happy with it.

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I really am into that driving range that gives you scores and also mini/crazy golf. Actual golf? Not so much

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Morning all. Got a job interview at 2pm which appears to be quite promising. Nothing else happening, might start packing.


Good luck MFH


Nice! Portugal?

If you want to really, and I mean really, ruin your day there are few things better than golf.