No morning thread?

Looking forward to getting really angry

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Of course it’s Portugal. Where else!

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No, she’s staying at home



Stroked her hair kill me now?

I’m cat sitting for some pals since yesterday, they have two cats. The note they left said they were currently outside basking in the sun, one of them was, the other was missing. The one that I did find has to take a pill twice a day, which she’s reluctant to do, so that’s been fun.

Went over to the house twice last night and no sign of Cat B, just assumed he’s still out enjoying the sun so left some food and water out, shut the other cat in and went home. Came back this morning and still no sign of Cat B. Got me wondering. I opened their bedroom door. Tada. Must have snuck back in before they left for holiday. Glad I checked!

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He bloody well is!


Look now they’re reunited and happy


I would like a makeover please. Who’s up for the task?

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My cat is ridiculous for this. A nervous wreck at all times, checking the whole area every 3 seconds for someone coming to steal her food


Its something untrue/barleysugar said on here YEARS ago

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Sure! First tip - drape a jumper over your shoulders and tie a loose knot. Example above.


My hair is driving me mad. I want to cut it all off but I don’t think I can pull off a Tilly sadly :confused:

My make up too! My clothes. Everything xylo, everything!!

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This morning on my way into work, my train went from a different platform.

“No problem”, I thought, and with the flexibility of a true intercontinental traveller, I managed to find the other platform and take my seat on the train.

Twelve minutes after leaving, the train pulled into Arnhem as usual, where it has a little break while they add a few more carriages to the train and I stare out the window working out how much of my life I waste a week waiting at Arnhem. It felt longer than usual today, but with this being the day sandwiched between a public holiday and a weekend, I assumed everyone was taking it easy today and there was nothing to worry about. I had my headphones on and was entertaining myself with my laptop, I was in no hurry.

A little while later the conductor came into the carriage, his presence made me realise we’d been at the station a lot longer than usual as I caught his eye. He looked surprised to see me and laughingly explained that the train wasn’t going anywhere. The carriage I was in had been decoupled and the rest of the train had left me behind. Everyone else was happily heading towards Schipol and it was just me there on my laptop sitting in an empty train carriage. He seemed to find the whole thing amusing, which was just great and made the whole experience even better.

Day’s not gotten much better since.


Hmmmmmmm This was a thought. However I have such a huge head I’m concerned it will accentuate it :smiley:

Day just got better

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how would you describe your current style?

You should see what people are saying on Facebook!

I deliberately avoid that particular section of Dante’s Inferno.

Good luck, man.

And good luck @jazzballet

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you both.