No NFL Week 14 thread?


something about Le’Veon Bell
Eagles down to their 3rd choice long snapper
couple of tasty finishes coming up




Delighted that the Bengals didn’t become the team that lost to the Browns. 8-7-1* here we come!

*(probably 6-9-1 but at least there’ll be a nice draft pick, which as we all know is the real quiz).


I worry for Le’Veon Bell’s back, carrying Ben Roethlisberger like that.


Seriously, Jets, why are you doing this to me


I started Bilal Powell in my fantasy team, hope I haven’t put too much pressure on him.


Seahawks having a total stinker


so many INTs.


Guns in the stadium! What could possibly go wrong? America…


:’’’'D another pick 6!! Rams are mince!


2 more years! 2 more years! (Of Jeff Fisher)

I wonder what the record is for least time between receiving a contract extension and getting sacked?


@badmanreturns go and win that, now. with Bilal Powell, please.


:smiley: thanks @badmanreturns, exactly as I asked.


just for you!


Shame it’s completely pointless, and actually losing would’ve given us a better draft pick, but 14 unanswered points by the 49ers in the first 2 mins just really riled me ha.




So the Lions won, went to 9-4, and currently hold the 2nd seed in the NFC, with a playoff bye.

And yet, I feel worse about them than at any point since they were 1-3.

  • They struggled against the Bears (always playing down to their opponent), allowed Matt Barkley to make some nice throws and let Jordan Howard look dangerous.
  • Stafford has injured his throwing hand (Derek Carr: The Bloodening)
  • Every other rival team in the NFC seemed to win, ruining any margin for error.
  • The final stretch is @Giants, @Cowboys, and hosting the Packers. There’s no easy wins there.

Fuck the Packers. Fuck the Packers. Fuck the Packers.


This been posted yet? Not NFL but still…


oh wow :smiley:


heard a stat yesterday that Packers record in december over the last decade is like 16-2