No NFL week 2 thread?



7 out of 8 games still within a score. Dolphins - Pats, Bengals - Steelers, & Cowboys - racists the picks of the early ones. Everything other than Jags - Chargers could be great tonight. Also, we did a poll on the old forum, and Me & Umlaut are trying to arrange a meet for the colts - jags game, so please fill in the below poll:

  • Colts @ Jaguars - October 2nd - Wembley
  • Giants @ Rams - October 23rd - Twickenham
  • Racists @ Bengals - November 21st - Wembley

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Wow, two games in a row now that the Giants haven’t screwed it up in the final quarter. What’s going on?


Whole bunch of absolutely great finishes, yet again. Red Zone from about 8.30 to 9.15 is genuinely thrill a minute.


In other news, I found myself watching some CFL this weekend. The absolute state of that. 3 downs instead of 4. Endzones the size of Tony Blair’s front garden. Posts at the goal-line instead of at the back. Receivers legging it towards the line of scrimmage, arriving as the ball is snapped, looks totally wrong. And a whole load of incomprehensible penalties - someone got done for “Procedure” at one point.

The_Excession’s final score for the CFL: It is bad and wrong. Go watch Lamar Jackson and Louisville highlights instead. You won’t be disappointed.


Having seen one game of each, Arena Football is more of a real sport than Canadian Football.


Yeah, Arena football is completely daft, and they score a TD on every single possession as far as I can tell, but what the Canadians have done… quite surprised the US haven’t invaded.


Predates the NFL by decades, no?


Turns out I’m thinking of The Grey Cup rather than the league itself. As you were


Fairly lucky win for Pittsburgh there. It’s always good when the other team completely miss that they’ve scored a TD. The weather drained the offense out of the game aside for a couple of drives for each team. The Steelers would’ve been properly lost without DeAngelo Williams too.


Like CBS’s new typeface, very clean and stylish


Brilliant stuff from Frank Gore, there


no, WE’RE the most exciting franchise in the NFL.


no, but yay Falcons!!!




Can someone tell me the best games from last night to watch on gamepass when I get in? No spoiliers please.



Ravens Browns (no, really, I promise) and Redskins Cowboys probably the two I’d go for.


Mrs HYG made me do a pub quiz last night instead of watching the Lions, I only got to watch the first quarter (up 9-0! Tidy!) and the final drive (Stafford INT to lose the game, nice one). Sounds like a hideous mess start to finish - 29 penalties, and a huge raft of injuries. Like I’m not sure we have any LBs left. I think the Lions were the better team, but that’s not much comfort with Lambeau looming next week.


Lions really felt like the better team last night. Riddick kept on getting shut down in his runs. Despite Marvin Jones getting me 10pts I still feel his hype train has ground to a halt, even when the ball didn’t slip through his butter fingers he took one step and went down. Ebron though, he’s my boy. Whole game was a shocker though, so many fucking fouls.

Gonna watch the Packers game when I get in tonight.


The Lions look so much better than I was expecting. A shame (for you) that they completely Lionsed it up last night, they should have been out of sight. I think they’ll be OK this year, Stafford and Cooter look like they were made for each other.


Last night was the most SOL game I could envision. Three touchdowns written off due to flags… a last minute interception… key players all taken out with niggly injuries… legit calls NOT being made (like the knee hit on Stafford).

I agree that the offence, on a good night, will be really frisky and fun to watch (if Abdullah comes back okay, even the run game is clicking). But the defence is looking very ropey. Shame we have two legitimately good teams in our division.


I’ve been on holiday for 3 weeks. Obviously I have a lot of feelings about the Bridgewater thing but it feels pointless going over it now.

Watched the Vikings Packers game condensed this morning and I’m still all fluttery about it. What Bradford did was so impressive, and far exceeded any expectations I had of him. To do that a week and a half after arriving, you have to give him and Turner/Shurmer a shitload of credit. I don’t feel too bad about the high price they paid for him now.

Stefon Diggs is the truth. He had a quiet second half of the season last year, and I was worried he wasn’t as good as I initially thought. But he is so, so good. Great combination of speed, route-running and savvy, he really is reminiscent of Antonio Brown.

A couple of years ago I would have been in the abyss about Peterson’s injury,but I honestly think this could benefit the offense. McKinnon is so much more versatile and having him start should make them a lot less easy to predict. The O-line needs to sort their shit out for either of them to have success, though.

Anyway, how is everyone.