No one reads things

If I send a message or email to someone at work longer than about three sentences then anything over that either won’t be read at all or will be misunderstood. And will require repeating myself on a call.

  • I find the same thing
  • I don’t find that

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It’s fucking unbelievable sometimes. Even when writing really clearly.

When I worked in customer service once I was dealing with this issue where there was a technical problem with an order and we needed to get the customer’s payment details again to put it through the checkout again.

Rang her, left a voicemail saying please can you call us, we need to take your payment details again, problem with order blah blah, give this reference number

She rang back, person who took the call didn’t read the notes, told her the order looked fine

I then had to ring her again, got her voicemail again, wrote in big capital letters at the top of the notes WE NEED TO TAKE THE CUSTOMER’S PAYMENT DETAILS AGAIN, she rang back and once again some dickhead didn’t read the notes and told her the order was fine.

Can’t remember for sure but I think there might even have been another repeat of the same thing happening again.

When I challenged one of the lazy arse dickeads on why they’d not even read the first sentence of the notes, he said “now that I actually look at it, it is really clear” :woman_facepalming:


I no longer ask more than 2 questions in an email, lucky if the second one gets read and replied to so never push it.

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IT sent out a big email the other day, something about Onedrive – didn’t bother reading it, just gonna continue doing what I was doing before. If it ends up causing an issue I’m sure someone will come and talk to me.

Things are probably fine, no need to read everything to make sure.



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  • Only read the first line or two and ignored the poll

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Is it because lots of people find reading an effort? If someone at work sends me something I read every single letter because I assume it’s necessary for me to do so. Why do some people not do that? The first question in this post is a serious question btw no shade intended and well done if you read this far


As someone who is much better at written communication than verbal it’s a fucking pain in the arse lads


I once worked with an IT guy who never responded to anything beyond the first line of an email. After 5 years i discovered he’d written an inbound email triage program which parsed the emails into a system for him. It only read the first n characters lol


Fappable was saying she makes things bold and underlines stuff. Feels almost passagg but maybe it’s necessary


Cut every sentence in half and they’ll be better understood usually.


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Does make you sound a bit robotic though. Kind of cool.

  • I prefer something being explained to me verbally
  • I prefer something being explained to me writtenly

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Probably depends on whether the person is better at communicating verbally or in writing though

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Sex! Now I’ve got your attention…

I do often find that I’ll be mentally formulating a response to the first parts, so I can miss or misinterpret later parts more easily. I have to consciously slow down to address that which in certain circumstances i find really difficult. I do it in reply to posts on here too.

Just chuckled imagining actually doing that. Or making the subject in an email “I really fancy someone in the office”

You’re right, croissants are nice