No one's going to cancel our Friday night thread!

What’s up guys? Anything cancelled?

I’m staying in doing a pre-record of tomorrow’s Dissonance Radio. I’ve got a LOT of great new music to play. @grievoustim is stopping by too with some tunes as well.

Must get the child to sleep first, but he’s been knackered all week being back at school, so hopefully that’ll all be straightforward


Just home after a fun little Glasgow work trip. Took myself for a quick sour while waiting for the train, now back, recharging, and off for horror beer stravaganza with our very own dis witch queen


Shocked and surprised!

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Alright? Delighted the weekend is over. Stopped for a pint on the way home. Not sure whether to get some booze in or stay off it. Supposed to be going on a date tomorrow so might just get a pizza or something and have an early one.



Ffs sometimes you just blink and miss it eh


Not even changing it.


:rotating_light: gogglebox update :rotating_light:

It’s been cut to 45 mins???!! I bet they had to cut a section on Liz meeting Liz where someone was like “jeez she’s looking a bit ropey”


Would drink

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Got to be up at 7am so I’m staying in, having a couple of beers cause I’ve had a week off and currently got Minority Report on

So tired.

Have had a pizza, take dog for a wander across the field in a bit. Than its telly and wine. Been a day hasn’t it.

Or 15 minutes of Mary crying


My event tomorrow :neutral_face: That was going to be my train fare to get on holiday

Had disappointing nachos for dinner. Should’ve had the hot dogs i took a massive detour to buy. Going to write a bit tonight i think. Just cleaned the bath so first some bathing and reading.

(This new version of pinocchio is well boring)

Think you should use the rainy day fund xx


I’m going to finish the last episode of How To With John Wilson then on Chef’s Table: Pizza. I am well excited.

Home from work, spent. It’s fair season here in the Northeast, so will be taking my nephews for some rides and fun. Really want a candy apple and some fried dough.


Bets are off on Giles saying “96 is a good innings” and then staring at his fingernails for a bit

Double whammy here of telly schedules being wrecked and also a self imposed alcohol ban. Plus we’ve got nothing in for tea. Literally can’t think of anyone who’s had a worse week than me.


Finally got our new TV set up after work. Now eating a very succulent Chinese and rewatching Schitt’s Creek. Probably gonna drink some beers also.


Evening babeses!

Proper bored after the novelty of Our Great Overlord passing has worn off. Had a veggie pizza and am on the wines. Watching Peep Show.