No Ones Leaving The House this Sunday Thread

Its windy isn’t

Think I might seek refuge in my bed and call it

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Your thread is a joke. I’ve left the house to go to work. Is not that bad out there, but suppose there’s potential for it to get worse, and I don’t live by the coast. We’ll see.


I live on top of a very tall hill next to the coast


The wind is absolutely roaring across the fields. Took all the bins, door mats and hanging baskets in yesterday as a precaution.

Lost a couple of fence panels out the back though. Rather unhelpfully taken the base and big chunky upright bit that they slot into with them.

Pool day today. Did nearly 30,000 steps yesterday most of them barefoot so my feet hurt


Morning all

Made a three course meal* from the Dishoom cookbook last night :slight_smile: was delicious but am pretty tired now.

I think I need to venture outside at some point. Wish I could go down to Southbourne beach, like I used to as a kid, and watch the waves crashing against the promenade.

* Mrs CCB made the dessert :slight_smile:


I’ll be leaving the house in a bit to go to work. Sounds pretty windy out, but I’m by the sea, it’s windy all the time.

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Down in Hope Cove in Devon at the moment, and will be heading up to Totnes later to get a train back to London. Some potential train cancellations, and they’ll all be tootling along slower, but at least we can grab an earlier train for free (if they’re running!)

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Literally 5 minutes from my house!

Ooh! I did a wander up to Bolt Tail and then walked to Bolberry Down by the coast yesterday, when it was actually quite nice and sunny! Wouldn’t dream of doing that walk again today!

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That’s a good walk. Bolberry is one of my favourite places but yeah, don’t go there if there’s anything more than a light breeze!

It is a bit windy here but nothing mental really. Going to loch lomond for a wee overnight. The drive up should be interesting.

Morning all,

A band want me to do a photo shoot with them today, and up until last night were ignoring all my emails suggesting that it might not be the best idea. They finally replied last night saying they wanted to wait and see how things are this morning :grimacing:

Be careful in this wind or you might end up with wet shoes


It is windy here too but also warm and we’ve left the house loads.

I’ve made three local trips to the shop for missing cooking ingredients although not all bad as I’ve been using the trips to catch up on @anon18868718’s podcast

RIP fence

That section was brittle as fuck anyway because the previous owner had let some stupid bush grow all over it (and not bothered painting any of the fences).



Woke up early because of the weather situation. I have no plans today other than ringing my mum and dad. Gripping stuff.


Last nights curry is doing something inside me.

Gonna watch Bojack s1 I think.


Off to the gym

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