(No) Poosday

As discussed in last night’s evening thread, pooing is now banned on tuesdays to save the planet

  • still IN
  • ahm oot
  • i do not wish to take part or for my pooing habits to be known by this forum, eric

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in but already drank a pot of coffee :grimacing:

How could anyone go a day without pooing unless they weren’t eating?

Not everyone poos every day, Theo.


I would worry about their diet but I have heard that meat sits in the gut for ages.

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It’s not necessarily unhealthy to not poo every day, Theo.


Fair bit it’s not something you can avoid doing. Holding in a poo is a mug’s game so the idea of avoiding it for the environment is clearly beyond crazy. Your body isn’t going to decide it can use some of that waste after all.


good chat, guys


My BFF poos once a week and if she misses her window she won’t poo for another couple of days. I have no idea how her body works :flushed:

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uh oh, I’ve just made a coffee

Gotta have a system.


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Having one right now

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oh no

My friend’s boyfriend is like that!!
He once did two poos in five days and complained he had a “dicky tummy” :exploding_head:


is he being dosed with immodium by someone who hates other people pooing?


Maybe the consistency was off.

Don’t think so! He also loves bovril, has a “breakfast bovvy” and a “bedtime bovvy”. He mainly eats homemade spicy soup and if they make pancakes for a treat he slathers them in mint sauce. Would not be shocked if he was eating immodium like smints

wait are you suggesting that bovril and mint are laxatives? ARE THEY?

Think they must have a stomach pocket they just store their poop in until they feel like going :thinking:

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