no replying to smee more than 3 times thread

2 is fine, 3 too, but not 4

I just love replying to @eems here on!

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I can finally post some cattle egrets

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Does Discourse still encourage you to take your chat to DMs if you’re replying too much to one individual?

(Asking as I’m terrible at conversation)

Let’s find out, ask me something

Hey ma0sm! (Say “hey what?”)

Hi CCB, how’s the weather with you?

sighs are you ready? (Say “for what?”)

Ready for what? Are you listening to KoRn?

To pop! (Say “pop what?”)

Alright tone

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pop what?


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Hi Smee!

Sorry for ruining this bit! Although I have yet to have the warning about replying to you too much

No replying to 3 more than smee times


Sorry, thought this was the “review your first guitar in 2 words” thread

Hey @anon5266188 in that other thread I got told off for replying to you too much, but I just thought I should say that I’ve probably never had a chai latte while listening to Tchaikovsky, but the TV just said that she likes them a a lot, so hopefully that helps.

Hahahahahahahaha! This is really good stuff.

Thank you for your time x