No robot wars thread?









Such a good clip:



EDIT: Fair play to @Jeremys_Iron, he does love RobertWars more than anyone else in the world.


Why don’t you edit your post to say something nice about me?


I saw a bit of it after doing something much cooler, I thought the intervening years would have meant massive leaps in technology but it was just the same “rolly-thing-with-a-hammer” stuff we had back in the day.


Enjoyed this clip from le tournoi de robots



Why don’t you edit your post to say something nice about @Jeremys_Iron?


happy now


Knew it would be the Behemoth guy.
You could see him cracking up trying to manage all the Herberts in his team.

Loved the PP3D guy talking about “undercuts” too - heh.

Eruption for the title!


I do find that cult family who do angel themed robots quite endearing, even though twee English families on BBC entertainment shows should by all rights be the absolute worst.


The older brother seemed like genuinely the nicest guy in the world. So gad they beat Behemoth, that guys reaction was amazing!


finally caught up, it really is still a brilliant show

well up for the final


New series on now


I’m 5 minutes into it and it’s already given me 3 lols (in the purest sense of the term). Donald Thump can crossover into the Heavy Handed Satire thread, if somebody turned up with that sort of thing on any other show I’d have no time for it, but add robots in and it’s allowed.


Not seen last night’s episode, but guessing it was flipper-wars again.

Still going to watch it, obvs.


I tell you what m8s, ~clusterbots~ can fuck RIGHT off


whats worse than 1 shit robot? 5 shit robots.