No Rotten Compromises


Are there any things you find it very difficult to compromise or negotiate on?
For example for some of us it might be turning the heating on, or like xylo and aggpass leaving the european union as quickly as possible.
Do tell!




Saying no when someone suggests to listen to Ed Sheeran


Appearance fees


I’ve recently decided to draw a firm line in the sand that I will NOT be watering, feeding, maintaining any plants that find their way into our home.


This has actually happened to me now, because apparently I water them too much and contribute to their deaths and so fuck it they’re all on their own from now on.


Pukka pies


My threads


What’s wrong with them (never experienced)


It was a reference to their old marketing campaign. Basically I cunted myself at end of the road and now we’re 4 hours through a 5 hour drive home so my content production is really flagging


Was Big Billy Calzone good? I remember some other good people were playing too, but have forgotten.


Saw him in hoxton a couple of months ago and it was raining last night so went to marika Hackman and japandroids instead (was wizzo)


I might pop in there now and ask if they remember you


Pukka Pies


doing other people’s dishes. would sooner eat cheese and biscuits in my bedroom for tea for weeks than do that.