No Saturday thread yet?


I’m off to the Lego House in Denmark.



Why am i awake? I’m off work for a week from today and I’ve just been googling excel formulae.

Oh yeah, because my boyfriend is on a 7am shift so we went to bed really early


Up to play football in Falkirk then :beers:

Still CBA though.


Can we have Lego House photos later please if you get the chance? Sounds cool.

Nothing to report here. It is raining so going for a walk is out, that was pretty much the only prospective activity for the day :confused:


Just woke up after having a dream that I was playing with lots of puppies which was pretty good :smiley:

Standard hockey stuff for me today.

Good luck with the football @Unlucky

Enjoy lego @colinzealuk


Ta, good luck with the hockey :field_hockey:


Morning. I’m not off to the Lego house in Denmark.

Instead I’m going to be sat in the pub from 1.30 with a bunch of old friends I don’t get to see often enough. Went to a really lovely firework display at my favourite pub in Winchester last night. I’m not a fan of fireworks, bit these were alright tbh.


first day of my period so I am in lots of pain and feel really low


Welcome to the DiS period gang


do we have a club?


No but pretty much every female disser is on at the moment. So we feel your pain, literally.


Edit: it’s fine I just realised I didn’t check the pocket of my handbag and it was in there

I’m off to a quiz night with my parents this evening. Tidying and checking football scores otherwise today.


At le guess who with cillacrack and fuckyeahdubstep. Waiting for them to wake up and then it’s off to explore Utrecht


Morning. Currently observing standard breakfast protocol (SBP) of eggs, coffee and seinfeld. Feeling pretty grotty, gotta go to band practice for a few hours though. Gonna spend the rest of the day on the sofa. Might watch that Slint documentary later on, any good?


Bastards Saturday Thread


It was Saturday here :slight_smile:


So near, so saps


Can I have this as my tag line?


wish I could just lie in bed all day but have a lot to do :frowning:

went out with my friends last night and one of them was complaining that she had to pay to get the roof fixed in her new flat that she owns. after showing me the new dress she’d just picked up in Hobbs for £300. do rich people just like to rub it in?


Happy Saturday anyway, everyone. I’m hungover in Lyon.