No Saturday thread?


How is everyone doing?

Had a fairly quiet evening in last night to recover from an all round stressful week.

Haven’t really got much planned today beyond reading and watching the football. Might take the dog out for a walk and might go out for drinks later. A world of possibilities!

What about you?




Sounds like a good day for you tbf.
Pic of dog please? :dog2:

Had a great night last night.
Today gonna watch a couple of black mirror episodes, football then pub and a party :tada:


Last night was fun, started with a few beers, then onto wine and pizza, then late night showin of Halloween, then to sleazys for lots more drinks and a bit of dancing. Noodles then up the road where I passed out on the sofa!


hungover to fuck. ended up having another heavy, heavy debate with my friend til 3am last night. head feels like it might explode.

off to see Mos Def later. can’t wait

have a good weekend yo


Went to a small bar with 4 tables last night. Good beer. Took the girl I fancy and loads of people from work were there but it was cool.

Slow weekend. Need to do some washing, and buy a coat, gloves, hat. Going to see if the walking shoes I go to work in can hold until Christmas.


Been out and about already with the CCB family. Here’s one for the ‘DiSisms in real life’ thread:


Was very close to going sleazys but went to broadcast instead.


Hello all! Stayed in last night with some mates and had a great night of talking and listening to music. Went through some rap classics.


Went in for a shower and forgot to bring a towel so drip drying :frowning:


Can’t complain really :slight_smile: - sounds like a good day your end too!

I watched the first episode of Black Mirror last night, it was okay. I’m trying not to binge them too quickly as I like to mull them over.


just finishing up some work
then gonna work on music for a bit
then gonna go for a walk
then lined up a triple bill of cold war films for tonight, bout 8hrs all told :sunglasses:


Been in a rap mood this morning too! Was listening to Atrocity Exhibition and Coloring Book.


Just off to work. Got drunk on free bourbon last night. Also went for a swim


Absolutely love ‘Atrocity Exhibition’! One of my albums of the year I’d say. Haven’t gotten into Chance much, he just hasn’t clicked with me yet.


Is that the show with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble? Enjoy either way!


Hey there sauchiehall neighbour :slight_smile:


Was my first listen to Chance. I quited liked it and it made me want to listen to College Dropout.

Atrocity Exhibition is definitely one of my favourites of the year too! I cant Really Doe out of my head! Sweatshirts verse slays the rest.


hi guys x


Hey :slight_smile: