No sleep strategies!


had a bout of insomnia last night so…

1 - how do you combat this when you can’t get to sleep (for the next time this happens)
2 - best plan tonight? super early night - or power through to normal bed time to get back into a proper sleeping pattern

i think i fell asleep at about 6 am - had to get up at 7.30 - seem to be doing ok tho! maybe i don’t even NEED sleep!


avoid screens a couple hours before bed if poss.



I am also struggling to sleep a lot as I am finding myself waking up with a really blocked nose at around 4am every night despite the fact I’m not that bunged up during the day, bit weird no?

For just general insomnia I sometimes use these natural remedy pill things from Boots which work (almost certainly as a placebo)


go to Brooklyn


surely if you go to brooklyn you will finally slee-oh you edited


I sleep much better when I’ve done exercise that day


Not good to take frequently or rely on, but night nurse can be really helpful.

I’m not sure powering through or having an early night might not help, could be best to just try and rigidly stick to a “normal” sleeping pattern.


yeah that’s the powering through option today!


hot bath before bed with plenty of rehydration
count backwards from 100


This one works for me as well


If I find myself really struggling to get off to sleep because I’m stuck in the loop of worrying that I can’t get to sleep which is then stopping me from getting off to sleep I find focusing on a simple, relatively inane mental task helps me to forget about worrying and nod off.

Usually I play the alphabet game where you take a subject (animals, bands, actors…) and try to think of 4 of them starting with A, then 4 more starting with B…etc. When I do this I’ve never gotten more than half way through the alphabet before I have fallen asleep.


Had a few nights of bad sleep, bought on by staying up stupidly late on Sunday. Oh, and last night, Mrs HYG was snoring so badly I had to go sleep on the sofa :frowning:

I find that reading an actual book for as long as possible is the best thing. Checking my phone and what not is definitely bad. However, at the moment I’m reading Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol and it’s so fucking exciting it’s not helping.


good tip - i wil try ths next time


Usually reading does for me but if the book is good I’ll just stay up. I try to switch over to something a bit dry/hard going like a philosophy/science/history book and I don’t usually last longer than a couple of pages before I’m out.


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If you want a semi (serious) answer then read this: have kids, before I had troubles sleeping but since none whatsoever.


Snifter just before bedtime, obviously.

  • Have a regular bed time and morning alarm time.
  • Don’t watch TV or read your phone an hour before going to bed
  • Don’t have a TV or desk or work in your bedroom. Make it so that you sub-consciously associate your bedroom with sleeping and not working.
  • Keep a notepad and pen by your bed in case you want to write things down.
  • If you don’t fall asleep within an hour, get up and do something else for 20 minutes (eg walk around the house or read a book)
  • Try to teach yourself how to blank your mind (this is very hard)
  • Try to keep your eyes open. Sounds odd, but it really works.


Yeah or fat blunt does the trick too.