No sleep sunday

Hey lovely folk


Could have a lie in but nope, wide awake since 4 :melting_face:

Last day of my little solo holiday, going to see the Hew Locke Procession show at the Tate then get myself the Shakfuyu french toast before i get the train. Wonder if there’s anything else worth squeezing in?

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Wife’s suffering with covid, so not the best sleep. Youngest is awake so about to get up. My mum and dad are potentially coming up, so might do a mini picnic. Boring.

Went to bed too late, awake at 6ish :expressionless:
Going down to tennis court with kid and then he has a tournament later….:tennis::tennis::tennis:

Waiting for the baby to wake up so I can go on a bike ride. She’s fast asleep with her hands behind her head. Come on girl.

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Hi itd, all,

Just been for a beer on a boat with a man with an eyepatch and lived to tell the tale. Today I visited a beautiful state park but discovered someone had left a campfire burning and fell in the bay trying to get water to put it out. :see_no_evil:

Gotta sort some big 4th July plans tomorrow inc. securing blueberry pancakes for breakfast and trying to get out of dressing up as a wine bottle in the town parade.

Now sitting in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and having dreamy thoughts. I should probably go to bed soon, properly knackers me out being in the sun all day.



Im so sore

We did an inflatable pub crawl in cambridge and it hurt a lot. Yes i ended up capsizing


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Me, last night: “if I’m awake early, I’m going out for a quick bike ride”

Me, this morning: lol

Suppose it’s still fairly early for a Sunday - will have a cup of tea and then possibly go.

Not much else planned - mow the lawn if it stays dry; watch a bit of the cycling and the cars driving in circles.


Morning @inthedusk et al,

Been awake since about 7am after F woke for her morning feed (shes back napping now but im too awake). Just finished off the bag of buttons I was eating last night and having a coffee in bed and watching TV while F snoozes in her snuzpod and Mr s_w snoozes next to me. Its quite pleasant and peaceful.

Going out for lunch with brother in law/his partner and their 2 children.

Will go for a couple of walks probs too, weathers looking good!


How many inflatable pubs does cambridge have?


Everyone still asleep here, or at least quiet. I had to get up to let the dog out for a wee so wide awake. Not a lot on today, got to trek the 200 miles back home this afternoon, hope the kids have an early night, and watch Stranger Things.

Didn’t sleep much on Friday night then went to sleep late last night and awake early today. Knackered beyond belief.

Anglos one and all.

My dearest partner returns from her holiday in Croatia later today so I’ll probably talk with a human face to face, for a change.

Coffee and cat first, watch sport for a bit, video games; standard.

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Sadly zero

Wait no… 1… there was a boat selling pims


Weather looks :sunny: so load of washing, dog walk, bit of work, gardening and sitting about

In bed awaiting a lovely cup of tea


Hoping for a lots of sleep for me Sunday. Just got home from work. At 3am I could barely keep my eyes open, so obviously now I’m home I feel as chipper as a cricket.
Just going to read until I nod off I reckon.
Have great days in the lovely sun, you lucky lot


This was me and going for a run. Currently in bed reading DiS.



Coffee and jazz, niiiice.

Lovely day so might go for a small walk and see the cows, but other than that, a quiet one - anyone watched anything good on Mubi recently?

Morning folks,

Feeling a bit fragile today, after an afternoon / evening on the beers yesterday without any food. I did get to hang out with @inthedusk and @shes_so_high and @CillaCrack though so any current ill effects are all worth it.

I’m solo parenting today, and plans are in disarray after the one thing I had planned - watching the “Paddle Round The Pier” paddle something unusual event - has been cancelled due to strong winds later.


Off back to Glasgow where i dont even have an upstairs to take cereal to.

Just packed.

Dunno whether to shower as havent done anything since my last shower

You live upstairs anyway so all of your cereal is upstairs cereal.

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