No sleep sunday

Furious, absolutely furious.
As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I’ve now got a cold sore brewing and am covered in spots so as you can all imagine I’m ready to physically fight anyone who so much as looks at me in the wrong way.
Why must I suffer so much???

OH for the FAO of @anon73286315, my fellow Big Boys stan, they watched it on celeb gogglebox if you fancy it xx

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I can confirm I have been for a bike. Plz go and do your run, if you have not done so already.

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I got a raging hangover and deffo will want to keep physical activity to a minimum so i reckon ill lock myself in my room and check it out pending on potential plans later

So thanks for the heads up!

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Tim just asked two fellas from Barnsley how Mad Friday was last year. Genuinely thought that was just a Wigan thing.

Woke up at 3am from annoying repetitive anxiety dreams that won’t go away. Have already put a wash on and made some coffee and some pb on toast.

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Descaled the showerhead. Now in the park


I did! A quick 6.5k, now showered and going to catch up with Ms Marvel.

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Todays test is negative

Better do another to be sure



Morning, had a nice evening with new friends yesterday

Today is a new day! Hopefully going to read a bit of book, go for a walk and eat delicious food. Oh also need to bake sponges for my little sisters birthday and freeze them which reminds me we said we’d defrost one of the freezers.

Better get up, really

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I’ve got a really boring wardrobe at the moment. Struggling to even envisage something I could wear that would be obscene in a good way

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I’ve got a cool day. Doing some work this morning then I’ve got a gig playing double bass this afternoon, then I might go for a pint on my own with a book.

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Double negative! Who wants to go for a pint?


Yay! :beers:

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I slept poorly. I want to take the dog somewhere but can’t really settle on somewhere.

Going to buy some dungarees. Any recs?

Dickies are good

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Morning all!

My mam was up with The Child at about 6.30 so I’ve really enjoyed sleeping until after 8.00.

We’re driving to Middlesbrough for a cousin’s first birthday in a bit.

It’s my MILs birthday today so we’re going round for a bbq…but we were all at my nieces yesterday and hung out exclusively so no idea what we’re going to talk about :joy:

Making my MIL a birthday cake (just vanilla sponge with fresh whipped cream and berries) so need to get up and buy flour and lemons.


Eldest daughter’s 14th birthday. I’ve just chauffeured her and three friends to Bluewater. I’m now going to sit and drink coffee until they run out of money.