No sleep sunday

My mums trying to make me breakfast before I go home but is that hungover she forgot to turn the grill on.
My dads broken his glasses and found his medication all over the floor so doesn’t know if he’s taken it.

I’m fine

Cracking night :joy::joy:


Come to the beach!

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Nice to see you Rob! I didn’t quite make it out long enough for a boogie…


Taking the silly kid to Youth Anthems in Leeds which is a child-friendly afternoon gig.

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Knowing your limits is a key stage in not writing off half your weekend


Will go outside and achieve things today after my Saturday failure

Need to just get my shit together tbqh


The club was fun but very hot and we were the oldest people in there by at least 15 years :laughing:


Listening to the first White Denim for the first time in years during breakfast, forgotten how good it was.

Off to a Curry and Beer festival later, which I reckon sounds alright.


Made some hummus. Going to re-write my CV and LinkedIn and apply for some jobs.

Also might be moving to somewhere in crystal palace which is something

Really got into the second one myself, love the mix of their jerky mathy stuff with some of the properly pretty tunes


Love this song so much!

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Accidentally ordered two takeaways. Will have one for leftovers.


Allo all. Lying on the sofa, listening to Ghostface Killah, hopefully feeling a bit better on COVID day 7. Gonna eat lunch soon and watch the fast cars going NNNNEEEEOOOWWWW in circles later. Fell in love with Ginger Wildheart’s new jumper, so i tracked it down on the internet and ordered myself one


I cannot wait to hang out with the Brighton buddies in August :relaxed:

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Who put brighton that far away, rude


Seen em live? Only once for me and yeaaars ago, but they were great fun - just infectious energy

I heard a rumour that it’s going to be my birthday weekend again

Far away? It’s literally under my feet!

Check your seafront privilege

I’ve literally spent the past hour in a childrens playground. I would love a bit of seafront privilege today