No sleep sunday

packing boxes for house move has begun. quite enjoy playing tetris with all the books etc


I don’t know why I love her :cry:


Yeah, a few times over the years at festivals, gigs over the years. Almost a continuous jam, can’t wait to see them again.

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Having the traditional Sunday lunch of McDonalds. Mainly to appease my angry 7 year old for not making semi finals in his tournament despite winning 7 out of 7 matches because it was a team event. Welcome to a lifetime of other people letting you down kid!!11


Just been to see the baby and got to do one of the all time best bits - ‘talking to a baby as if they’re an adult’. Classic. He’s very cute and very large.


Usually there’s a (pointless) rush to the platform at euston when the train is announced right, but today it was announed (25 mins before due to leave) and 90% of the people waiting started running, full speed, one was shouting to his mate “peg it! We’ve got to run!!” And people pushing each other. It was the platform pretty much behind the boards so the fastest to get to anyway.

All the staff looked freaked out too, rightly so if agiant crowd of people started screaming and running. Ffs.

Never seen so mamy bozos in one place. There’s loads of spare seats, what on earth was going on? :woman_shrugging:t2:

(I was last on and still managed to get a better seat than any of them - the secret one with plug access)


Urgh. Getting stressed thinking about this. Awful place.

Was on a train out of there at 6.30am a few weeks back and there was none of that bollocks.

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I really hope this was some kind of reality TV prank with secret cameras filming all the bozos and then inthedusk just sauntering behind, cool as you like with a look of disdain which would melt steel

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Finished my whale book. Wanna go Alaska

forgot to check the results on whether my avatar is too scary or not, hold on @Gnometorious

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75% want it to stay. sorry pal.

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Democracy doesn’t work :pensive:

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At some point over the last few years, as happens probably most days, @Gnometorious had some choice targeted adds on Instagram, featuring soft seal plushies. At some later point, one of those very same said soft seal plushies ended up being presented to that gnome as a gift. Unfortunately, what hadn’t been noticed was that the face is just printed on, and not, perhaps, as cute as she’d have liked. The poor soft seal plushie was cast aside to the spare room, where he remained until a week ago, when he was included in a bag of clothes and other fabrics that we took to the tip. While I was heaving an old chest of drawers out of the car, li’l gnomey took the clothes and soft seal plushie off, only to return a few minutes later with a bag that been emptied of clothes and a soft seal plushie hugged tightly to her chest. Apparently, she’d taken the soft seal plushie to the bin, but had her heart melted as she tried to deposit the soft seal plushie, and just couldn’t do it. The soft seal plushie is now in prime hugging position on the sofa and that gnome is feeling more remorse than any gnome has felt before.


cleaning my shoes ffs

Dangerous boredom levels

Sat on a parked car waiting for my kids to wake up. Dickhead kids. Why don’t I get a nap.

Cleaned Winnies litter tray out even though she’s a dickhead

I’ve got a lovely pic of me and @fappable from Friday night. Really wanna share it - faps would you mind?

Go ahead!


The man opposite me on the train has eaten a whole bag of

  • Babybels
  • Tangerines

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Was so nice to meet and remeet so many lovely dissers on Friday night!

Here’s the pic.