No slowthai yet?

's perfect

drink it iiiinnnnn

Oooh thanks for the reminder. Went to offline it yesterday but it seemed to just have a single in the new releases section and i forgot. Time for a few tracks now

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Yes it’s brilliant - excited to see him finally at Primavera


@bamnan one from our home county

That’s weird, i had spotify open earlier and there was a big advert banner for this. I know nothing about the artist but I thought it seemed really tryhard to call an album that, tryhard and also brave.

actually one of the things that you’ll be pleased with is that the album is by someone who isn’t ashamed of being from Northampton. He’s certainly blunt, but it’s calling out the bad stuff from a place of wanting to protect the good stuff. You shouldn’t rush to conclusions dude you’ll miss tons of good music otherwise!

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Yeah I know I know, I don’t really listen to new music much anyway tbh

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you should :slight_smile: it’ll make you wanna songwrite more. give this’n a go

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Was playing it in the shop earlier and then he called the Queen a cunt.

i mean


Haven’t heard the album yet, liked a few of his past singles though and the track with Skepta is great. Will give it a proper listen later

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So annoying he clahes with Modeselektor. Will see him at Reading, though.

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I’m listening now, enjoying so far, forgot how good Doorman was

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I’ve enjoyed his work, but just can’t get out of my head - do people from Northampton really speak like that?

Playing Brixton academy in October

it’s like i don’t even exist

oh man. :’(

yes, awful

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we northants folk need to stick together xylo. we have nothing to offer.

huge truth :frowning: