No such thing as a free [Lunch]

hi guys. i’m being taken out for a pizza lunch today but i could actually really do with staying in work tbqh.

please tell me one or all of the following:

  1. what’s for lunch
  2. last time you ate a free lunch
  3. whether or not you believe there’s such a thing as a free lunch


Stomach is eating itself lads.

  1. Either out for soup sandwich combo, or canteen for freshly made pizza (pre-made base)
  2. Does free dinner count for this query?
  3. I believe it can be had in exchange for your company, depends if that counts as a cost to you or not
  1. loop de loop
  2. at my mums probably? few weeks ago, dunno
  3. yeah. guess so.
  1. Hummus, carrot and alfalfa(?) sprouts on seeded Jacksons, apple, pear, yogurt (non-fage). Toying with the idea of getting a white twix.

  2. never!

  3. see #2 above


wise warny

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  1. Ham roll, ready salted crisps, penguin
  2. About 15 minutes ago
  3. Yes, as of about 15 minutes ago

it’s all about the seal bars these days

same :sob: got approx 1hr til pizza


Team lunch as someone is leaving at some grill place. Only one vegetarian thing on the menu, which I mentioned and then got called a communist. Great stuff



August Bank Holiday at a festival I played. Them European’s are alright

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Josie Long’s masterchef pizza


Best topping of the round, apparently.

Salt & pepper tempura veg with rice. Possibly too big a portion so obviously going to finish it all and feel very lethargic for the next hour or so