No such thing as a free [Lunch]

I’m freezing. Can’t find a warm place anywhere.

I fail to see the relevance to my lunch

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had about 1.5 pizzas, a pint, a slice of pistachio cake and then a cappuccino

feel like i’m going to go into a coma

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Absolute bodying here.

  1. Ribs with veg and roast potatoes
  2. This was free and I didn’t cook it
  3. Yep, it was free
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Not allowed to accept corporate entertainment so free lunches are extremely rare. Some conference in March had a buffet, that’s probably the last one.

There is not, obviously.

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Pistachio cake?! Yes please.

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Thank you.

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What is this please?

Eggs Provençal with two slices of sourdough.

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Got taken out for a meal at a poncey “small plates” place. And it was free I guess

I had a squid and nduja thing, an ox cheek thing , a confit potato thing (basically a single massive chip) and a dessert that was basically a single fancy chocolate that cost £2