No swearing for the rest of the day!



Reckon you could manage it?

I’ve sworn a lot today already and I think it’s very unlikely that I could get through the rest of it without a few more slipping out.

Anyone not sworn today already?

  • I haven’t sworn at all today.
  • I’ve sworn, fishface!

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Prizes as always.


Fuck off, mate.


Out loud or typing?

Former is easy, latter is fucking difficult.


I didn’t mean for this to be anonymous.

Reveal yourselves, you innocent bastards.


But no, when the dishwasher broke and we heard a bird stuck in the chimney and couldn’t get it out, I was all


Let’s say both.

I was thinking verbally initially.


I swear absolutely loads without even thinking about it and its a very bad habit


This is a flaming liberty, for chuffs sake


have noticed you use ‘fucking’ as an adverb quite a lot


Yeah, it’s not something I’m proud of


No chance, got a training session tonight. Guaranteed I’ll slip into Roy Chubby Brown at some point.


That image has turned my stomach


oof wouldnt wanna be in that sauna!!