No thanks thread



Has Jamie Oliver lost his mind?
Leftover turkey risotto with a pool of GRAVY in the middle

No thanks.


yeah, it’s a ‘no thanks’ from me, too


I’ll go even further than that, it’s a ‘Thanks but no thanks’ from me.




thanks ant


would, but fully agree it looks a bit rank


No ta


Speaking as a parent, I’m a vegetarian.


Made a leftover turkey curry one year that looked pretty similar to that, and was probably better.

You heard me, Oliver.


ngl I’d eat it


I’ve been asked if I want to go for a team lunch this afternoon. I’ve brought my lunch in, so no. No thanks.


what have you got? is it better than where the team lunch is?


I’ve got a couple of rolls (ham, salami, cheese, lettuce, mayonnaise) with me. They’re going for a meal at the bar/restaurant across the street, which is okay - if I was going I’d probably end up getting lasagne.

It’s unnecessary expenditure though at this time of year, so I’m fine with not going.


No thanks! :rice:




Thants. (Fucking autocorrect)


I’d eat it! Thanks :smiley:


Yeah I got paid today so I’m


At least Jamie Oliver has served it on a plate and not a board like he normally does.