No thread about Kirstie Allsopp tweeting utter guff?




I probably wouldn’t have a ham/cheese sandwich and a croissant at the same time, but that’s basically just lunch isn’t it?


Don’t anybody tell her that you can buy multipacks of Snickers for £1




I might tweet her and tell her about the time I had TWO Pret croissants for breakfast. And then some chocolate. And coffee. And juice.


I fucking hate Kirsty Allsopp


Anyone replied “alright Karen Carpenter”


I would very much like to go to a wine tasting event with her and then both crash in front of the tv watching Match of the Day and falling asleep before our team comes on. We’ll laugh about it the next morning whilst watching the condensed highlights programme.


It is the most important meal of the day.


i mean…


Unsure whether it merits the deeply apocalyptic stream of consciousness that she seems to have tweeted over the course of about a day.


I often get a hot drink, cold drink and food, but normally just have one dish at a time.

A long black coffee, pineapple juice with ice, avocado and eggs is my current breakfast of choice.


I can tell her about the 4 chocolate eclairs I had for dinner when my wife was away for a few days.


it reads quite a lot like a DiS post.


Maybe we should all barrage her with links to old lunch threads?


She seems easily scared


Tories are easily startled outside of their natural habitat.




just replace cappucino with carbon fork


Disliked her ever since she stuck WOW in big silver letters on her kitchen wall for that Homemade TV show thing. A thoroughly wretched being.