No thread on R Kelly running a cult?


He is denying it.


seems to get away with a lot R Kelly


Here is the original report:


The man is an absolute scumbag. It constantly astonishes me that he seems to get a free pass from the wider populous because Ignition is a banger and Trapped in the Closet was funny for a bit. He should be in jail for a very long time.


Our Kelly.


Weird how he’s been an acknowledged creep (and more) for years, but still has a pretty successful career.

Guess people really like slow jams.


Yeah that weird marriage he had to Aaliyah when she was underage :confused: I guess he can throw money at this kinda thing and it’ll disappear.


And he does. Regularly.


he’s an utter freak. dunno why he isn’t in prison.


*just that one song


Bump and Grind and Ignition are both bangers tbf


Bump & grind is up there with ignition


As the Chicago Sun Time journalist that broke this scandal (and basically all of the scandals going back to the original sex tape) says no one cares about young, black women.

Helpful timeline (going up to 2013) detailing R Kelly’s extensive history of being a scumbag and avoiding jail:


I find it pretty hard to consider them bangers any more given how fucking repulsive R Kelly is (esp with the lyrical content)


yeah that doesn’t make for pleasant reading at all does it. Surely he’s gonna be prosecuted at some point and banged up ?


Well, sure, but they still kind of are. Lots of art made by horrible people is still good, but sometimes it’s hard to take it out of context.


Doubt it. He’s in his 50s now, and has escaped jail for this long with sooooooo much incriminating evidence against him. Fuck the world


R Kelly is in his 50s?! Had no idea he was that old


He’s weird and Ignition is shite

People that either like him or his music are weird


if he really believes he can fly maybe someone should firmly encourage him to test out his theory.