No Thread? Should There be one for wednesday?


here is one, should the need arise. good morning!



My knee hurts and there are awful roadworks clogging up Cambridge.

Today somebody off Gumtree is coming to my house to buy an amp. If I don’t post tomorrow, avenge my death.



Was in work at 8 as I want to leave early so I can get on the beers ready for Big Business tonight. \m/


I’ve put a spoiler on that pic, mate. @sean didn’t sink thousands of pounds of his own money into this website for you to blow the roof off.


I saw this earlier:

We also had vandals making a mess of one of the properties that we manage, but they were somewhat less pretentious. They’d taken the inside of a Tesco ham sandwich and used the margarine to smear a giant cock and balls on one of the windows.


I saw that too. It’s a Google translate job, which is maybe the most embarrassing part of it.

May have done a lol at the margarine cock and balls. Sorry.


Good morning superstars of DiS,

Think i might buy some proper running trainers today.

Helped my sis in law look after my nephwes last night as my bro has fucked off to milan for a trade show, jesus fucking christ, who’d have kids :wink:


Eh, we did plenty of lols too.


Good morning cc, e, s, ccb, l-p

My wrist is in discomfort this morning. It happens periodically and I always blame it on working on a computer all day rather than climbing. However, I’ve just read a climbing article which precisely describes my symptoms as triangular fibrocartilage injury which is common in climbers. So maybe, just maybe, that’s responsible.


Morning all!

Was considering the gym this morning but my legs are still sore from Monday and I’ve got a game tomorrow.

Also considering a trip to Braehead to upgrade my phone.


Hello. Going to get my phone sorted this morn. Then hope to be left alone at work so i can actually do some real work. (Though my boss wants me to put dubstep in it :expressionless:)

Think masterchef is the only thing i have to look forward today :joy:


i’m also considering a trip to braehead to go to decathlon for some running shoes, if we bump into one another i think midday beers should be on the cards :slight_smile:


One of my favourite memories of school was coming in one morning to see that several of the walls had been spray-painted with six feet high depictions of the assistant head sucking off the head teacher.

Which was funny enough, but seeing the janitor had literally fallen over from laughing at it was the cherry on top.

(They then used a power washer to clean it off, but it was soft stone so it just changed the colour of the graffiti from black spray-paint to lighter stone than the surroundings)


@sean ?


I jokingly suggested it and he agreed. Done myself.


Thought you weren’t doing climbing videos any more?


Can’t wait to see Lee Mack dropping the bass.


Isn’t Decathlon quarantined out by Ikea?

I’m only doing the DiS treasure map - phone shop, possibly trainer shop and then a Boots meal deal.


This was in my feed on FB today

FAO @Antpocalypsenow


could be keith, i really don’t like heading to braehead unless i have to