No Thursday night thread?

Where’s the evening thread? I was going to share the cool fossils I saw on the beach!

I guess I’ll leave them here and maybe this will be the evening thread


Couple pints deep and heading back to a fish supper. Can’t ask for much more


that’s massive!


M&S butter chicken rice and naan

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Yep. I took a photo, then realised I needed to show just how big it was. I didn’t have a banana for scale, so I couldn’t use the standard unit of DiS measurement but hopefully my feet will suffice

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They look very cool @rob.orch and I hope you’re all having a lovely time on holiday.

I have had quite a good day, had therapy and did a bit of work (even though I’m on leave) but then had a walk in the sunshine. Just about to put some kievs (Kyivs?) in the oven for dinner but no real plans for this evening.


hope my skull is encased in stone in 10,000,000 years and looks as sick as this

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:mage: night

These are roughly 200 million years old!!!

Maybe write a will and ask for your remains to be laid out at sea, where layers of silt can form over you


Evening, hope everyone is well

Somehow managed to pull a muscle in my neck last night by looking at my phone.
So this is just a reminder to all of us older DiSers to stretch and make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before attempting to do something wild like look at a fucking phone in future


Off to a gig! Feel like I could do with a night in after getting home so late from hols last night, but I’ve missed too many gigs I had tickets for over the last year so I’m going to stick to the plan.

Back at work yesterday after covid. Also went to see holy fuck last night. It is fair to say i am utterly shattered. Luckily revenge bairn is refusing to settle so the house is full of screaming.

Someone help me.


Hello, I’m on the train home, bye Edinburgh. Had some M&S pineapple for dinner. Would like another ten please.

Feeling a bit uneasy all day, think it might be the journey home. Used to love getting the train or the gold bus and getting a magazine and some tasty snacks and now I just feel a bit uncomfortable. Hold me DiS! Hold me!

Going to listen to the Arrow Podcast because it’s great and I think I’m slightly in love with one of the hosts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: his laugh :blush:

Pls elaborate

Oh, haha. It’s just a slightly fancier bus. Only got it in the past when it was cheaper. But the seats are fancier and more comfortable. There’s places to charge your phone. You get a few hot beverages! Cakes! Lovely. Actually preferred it to the train sometimes.


Wait what? It’s a bus where you get cakes?

Hell is going on?

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R has got to ramp up his piano if he wants to pass his exam in the summer so we started his hour a night supervised practise today.

Had a pitta with cheese and tomato for dinner as went out for lunch at Las Iguanas with the kids.

Football, Ozark, wine. Can’t believe I have to go back to work next week…could well be used to this relaxed life.

Having a bunch of beers with a mate. Had a good pizza. Winding down now, so might sit in the park with a beer


Drinking too much this week :grimacing: Even for me. Have only had 1 night off this fortnight but can me if life ain’t bleak atm.

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Oh no. She bought red mullet, being unaware of its prolific boniness