No time wasters

Thought I would waste some time saying I am not a fan of this phrase!

Immediately makes the person using it seem angry and absolutely nobody that does waste people’s time would think “Oh, I’ll give this a wide berth…”

So just rude and ineffectual.

Have you used this phrase?
Are you a time waster?
When did you waste someone’s time?
Is there a thread in this (absolutely not)?
What other similarly awful phrases boil your blood.

Please enjoy this thread responsibly


Can’t believe I took the time to read this thread



I post on DiS during work hours, what do you think?


you’re only wasting your own time!*
*and the time and money of your employer


Oh right, I’d better go elsewhere


It’s pretty popular on Grindr

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if an advert said “No time wasters” I would be

  • happier wasting their time
  • feel the same as if if didn’t stipulate not to waste their bloody time
  • more concerned about wasting their precious fucking time

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YOURE pretty popular on Grindr

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I guess on dating/shagging sites it makes more sense

If only

This is DiS, we’re all time wasters here

I remember a decade or so ago, going to view a Seat Ibiza, which someone had advertised on our work intranet. I was working in Peterborough at the time, and I had to drive to Boston, Lincs to view the car (and then back to St Ives, Cambs when I was living at the time).

I turned up on time and viewed the car, which didn’t start. (It was a diesel and apparently there’s something in a diesel that sometimes causes them not to start if they’re not warmed up properly. I dunno, take it to the ‘talk about a subject you know nothing about’ thread, CCB).

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed as I’d travelled a fair way with every intention of buying the car. But I messaged him the next day saying that I was going to look elsewhere as the car didn’t start.

A few days later, the car was readvertised on the work intranet with “NO TIMEWASTERS” in block capitals. Well, fuck him, if anyone should be writing that in block capitals, it’s me.


I threw all my herbs in the bin the other day so yeah you could say I’m a thyme waster