No touching!

Those damn millennials and their safe, salmonella free spaces:

I disagree with the old rubbish about if you eat meat then you should be able to kill the animal yourself but I think this is a bit silly. Bit of silly nonsense.


Food you won’t touch:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Fish
  • Seafood

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Not sure it is. Just some people being squeamish.

They’re being silly-billys

I’ve stopped worrying about it. Got to the point where i was washing my hands, then cleaning the taps, then throwing sponges or cloths away. Not being funny but sometimes after i’ve been out for a few pints i’ll get a kebab and they go from raw meet to cooked meat without wearing gloves or washing their hands or cleaning anywhere and 80% of the time i don’t get ill. Obviously i’m not going to go licking raw chicken breasts or pretending sushi’s nice or anything like that, but equally i’m not going to let my head fall off because there’s a minor chance of me getting the squirts.


I cook with chicken all the time but it does make me weirdly paranoid about food hygiene. I spend ages cleaning up after it. Always freaks me when telly chefs are just boshing about with it, barely rinsing their hands afterwards.


Proper chuckle at this


well, it’s never the drink

i don’t understand how the packets work

can’t you just tip normal packs of chicken into whatever you’re cooking them in without touching them? what?


Pretty much this, I have no problem handling meat but I’m very OTT on disinfecting surfaces, utensils and the sink afterwards.

If you can’t handle meat my worst then you sure as hell don’t deserve meat my breast

  • a chicken

Yeah I thought that. Apparently they’re going to stick them in doypacks:

I’m going to accidentally serve myself cat food so often


Take all the labels off and pretend you’re an astronaut or something.


Presumably less packaging involved if there’s no sodding tray?

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Or cellophane-y thing over the top. We’re such millennial snowflakes m9.

Good old Sainsbury’s who pledged to stop selling battery chickens then couldn’t be arsed

Fuck them!


Surely people aren’t just lobbing in a whole chicken somewhere??
Surely people are cutting chicken or doing something with it?

Also popping that into the recycling bin without washing it out will cause some shit

If you don’t wanna touch raw chicken, don’t eat chicken


is the sodding tray the actual name for the spongy bit that collects all the meat juices or are you just saying sodding tray like you would say fucking tray