No touching!

is it really so strange? (cue smiths music)

presume it means diced chicken

Fucking tray

The sodding tray you’re talking about here is the sogging tray


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Sodding as in fucking.

Why do you hate millennials so?

ikr, they’re not hurting anyone, they just want to practice their kickflips and not catch salmonella


Never noticed before that it’s fully cooked… JFC.

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More like I hate people who eat chicken but can’t touch raw chicken

If you’re catching salmonella from poor cooking practices, that’s your fault

And fuck them skateboarders man! They’re not even millenialls! They’re the next one.


What about people who like artichokes but CBA to prepare artichokes.

You can get artichokes in cans or pre prepared or you can prepare it yourself which takes a lot of work rather than just touching it before cooking it

Do you know what I like but wouldn’t wanna touch? Live crocodiles


This is very upsetting


but it’s full of home style goodness

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Like some have already said, if you’re that squeamish about touching raw meat maybe you shouldn’t be eating it.


Maybe your home.

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Once bought a whole chicken from a market when I was living abroad and took it out at home to put it in the oven, but I accidentally touched the neck and head that had not been cut off. Full body cringe.

Physically, mentally and morally, I would happily:

  • Slaughter, prepare (remove giblets, head, feet, pluck feathers etc.) and cook
  • Prepare (remove giblets, head, feet, pluck feathers etc.) and cook
  • Cook with touching
  • Cook without touching
  • :nauseated_face: as :seedling:

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A man fondled my foot in the gym today, he was laying on the mat stretching, I was doing sit-ups, my immediate involuntary reaction was to look him in the eye, but he was looking at my foot.