No touching!


Once bought a whole chicken from a market when I was living abroad and took it out at home to put it in the oven, but I accidentally touched the neck and head that had not been cut off. Full body cringe.


Physically, mentally and morally, I would happily:

  • Slaughter, prepare (remove giblets, head, feet, pluck feathers etc.) and cook
  • Prepare (remove giblets, head, feet, pluck feathers etc.) and cook
  • Cook with touching
  • Cook without touching
  • :nauseated_face: as :seedling:

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A man fondled my foot in the gym today, he was laying on the mat stretching, I was doing sit-ups, my immediate involuntary reaction was to look him in the eye, but he was looking at my foot.


“I can never touch meat until it’s cooked. As a youth I used to weep in butchers’ shops”



I can still touch/prepare meat. Doesn’t gross me out really
(Because I am vegan for other reasons)




yes m8s


seems like a touch

a touch too much


that’s a lot of hate :frowning:




Nothing to do with being snowflakes really is it?

Partly it’s convenience/nice not to have to wash your hands, and probably partly ignorance about food and handling it right and being worried about being safe? Definitely lot more adverts, stories and such about scary bacteria from food and raw meat.

Just don’t think it’s as simple as being 'squeamish but yeah - if you are maybe don’t eat meat you are squeamish about?


Slaughter and cook with touching.

Can’t be fucked plucking feathers m90


remember that bottle of squash stuff you could carry around with you and add to water “for the people who don’t like the taste of water”

proper snowflake stuff that.


imagine being a meat eater and not being able to deal with raw meat and blood and guts and stuff. Odd.


I bought a fish thinking it was ready to cook but it was whole with all the guts and everything.

Turns out they are not too hard to prepare. Just need a sharp knife, a spoon and a can-do attitude. Pretty messy though.



Been a vegetarian since I was a kid and I dont give a fuck about people having weird double standards and inconsistent weird practices. The whole thing of eating dead animals will never stop being weird and unnecessary. Not judging people. I wish I was better and didnt eat eggs and cheese.


Just massaged a load of finely-chopped garlic and oyster sauce into some diced beef.

£4.19 for 350g. Seemed a bit pricey, idk.


is the packaging going to be all recyclable?


we got sainsbo’s wrapping our chicks
and we’re afraid of getting sicks
cos we’re all entitled snowflake pricks