No touching!


Not a millennial thing though i don’t think. In my experience people have always been total babies when it comes to food. I’ve known people who get the creeps eating meat from a bone but don’t baulk at the idea of a 3am kebab. There’s obviously a market for this and it’s the logical next step for an industry that goes to extraordinary lengths to keep people from the reality of meat eating.


Yes because those two things are exactly the same.


EDIT: This pic is actually kind of gross so spoilered.






So there we go, this story is likely a load of old bollocks designed to provoke Daily Mail readers into another frothy rage about ‘millennials’ and their needy ways.

Not sure “Millennials unsure whether they’re happy to touch raw meat” would have generated the same clickbait potential mind.


Nothing to see here. Someone has found a more effective packaging solution. Fucking great.


Not everywhere recycles plastic films such as the ones used in packaging. So you will be washing the packaging only for it to get discarded and land filled further down the line.