No tuesday thread?

Hello. I’m drinking coffee and then going to go on a long walk (off a short pier!!!).

What ya got going on?

Projects are currently all on fire so trying to put those out today. Then later I am going to watch Oxford vs Bolton on a projector in someone’s house. Thumbs up all round.


er, hello everyone.

Just on my way to work. Massively can’t be fucked.

Morning Eric. I’m supposed to be driving back down south tonight but I’ve woken up and there’s been a massive dump of :snowflake:️ overnight and it’s still falling. Considering i was walking around with no jacket on last week I have not packed appropriately for this. Might go build a :snowman:️.

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Post pics!

Working from work.
Got someone looking at our flat tonight. Really hoping they snap it up promptly so we don’t have to keep everywhere tidy for long.

fucking daft scottish weather, layer(ish) of fucking snow this morn.

got lots of really boring things to do today and i really canny be fucked.

Benefits impact on removing some Sectional Running Time changes on the Brighton Mainline

Prepare for my Year End Review tomorrow

Quiet evening in

Day off tomorrow

This is the current scene - if a :snowman: happens I’ll do an update.


Jelly. We didnt get any snow this year.

Morning. Little bit of snow here. The bus I sometimes take to work has been diverted for the next five weeks by the Avengers.

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I am on my annual ‘use it or lose it’ enforced end of the financial year leave for the rest of this week so still in bed, obvs. Debating tea options, mulling over whether to read, or write, watch a decent film or just bin it all off and play games. Other highlights will possibly involve waxing my boots and re-waterproofing my jacket. Pretty fucking exciting times! Had to rate myself for my end of year review last yesterday- yuck (not one of the options I could pick).

Rival Consoles tonight which I’m hoping will be a pleasing evening out.

I went to get my hair cut first thing. As I was sat in the chair, the new Kasabian single came on the radio. Bad move, bad move.


Morning Eric IV and etc.
No work for me today.

No snow here either, it’s a beautiful morning in fact.

Gonna have a walk up to Sainsbo’s in a few minutes cos I require a potato and chillis for tea tonight.

Then I have a job application to fill in - same job I do at the moment, slightly nicer hours, slightly closer to home and significantly more bunce.

Then I’ve been tasked with finding a holiday for our week off in May. It’s probably going to be lying on a beach in Mexico or Jamaica, as much as I would like to find something different…

gl urb

That could easily apply to all 3 of my jobs for the day! Cheers!

Morning ericfourth and co

Hopefully finishing this year’s last batch of exam marking today.

I cut myself a long fringe this morning and I’m still not sure about it. I forgot the reason I grew it out was because it’s annoying having hair in my eyes/face and I’m worried I look like Dean from Gilmore Girls now.

Also I’ve somehow lost my wedding ring - I think I must have taken it off when I was asleep?

Guys im listening to RADIOHEAD because OK computer is 20 years old and we are old also



I’m wfh because I’ve got my pro bono clinic work soon (etc etc etc important etc etc). Except I’m not because I cba. I’ll do some work this afternoon.

My eyes are doing my fackin’ nut in and I don’t know if it’s allergies, conjunctivitis or my weird undiagnosed thing, so I’m treating it as all three. This doctoring lark is dead easy.