No Tuesday Thread?

Last night was a fucking abomination.

Feel so low today, I can’t quite find the words to describe what’s happening in my head.

Anyway, I’m at work, later I’m watching Hendon play Ebbsfleet.

Over to you guys for tales of work, unwork, tea and untea.

what happened last night?

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Fell asleep at about 7.15, had the most fucked up dreams in quite a while until about 9.30. Then, lay in bed for a couple of hours feeling a little haunted and staring blankly at the ceiling before finally falling back to sleep.

Woke up feeling like an absolute car-wreck of a human this morning and things seem to be going steadily downhill from there.

Hope your’re ok, @he_2

I’m WFH. Gonna break up my day with a climb at lunch. Nothing else planned really.

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Feel better plz @he_2

Probably going to Dulwich Hamlet later. Haven’t been for bloody ages.

But first: answering phones until 1pm (:pensive:) and then lunch. Proper work after.

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Hello everybody, i hope you are all well. I am drinking a large cup of coffee.

Enjoy the Hamlet.

The Hill was in fine fettle on Friday night, and from the looks of Twitter, new sponsorship has gone up on the fascia of the Toilets Opposite, which looks pretty spiffy.

Same :fairy:

I shall! I saw that on Twitter :smiley:

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Morning all!

Going to Costco for bumroll and baby formula around 10.30.

Not sure what the weather will like so might play games or be outside at other points of the day.

Nice work, pn.

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No, Tuesday Thread!

Hope you wake up a bit as the day goes on @he_2

Meeting my wife for some lunch at Exmouth Market today which should be pretty nang. Not much else to report m9s.


Feel better soon @he_2

I’m also enjoying a cup of coffee, tastes particularly good this morn, maybe that’s more to do with no booze for a couple of days and feeling very fresh.
Still slept shite though.

Got some guy coming in today to demo some kit.

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Hope you’re doing alright @he_2. I had a pretty shitty day/night yesterday but trying to be a bit more positive today. Difficult with so little sleep.

The new Converge tracks are out today and they are absolutely amazing. Fucking hell.

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I completed my daily quest in my current digital card game du jour forty minutes too early to receive credit for it, so things have gone about as badly as it’s possible for a morning to go for me too.

(Nothing to report)

Hope you’re okay @he_2 !

I had a ridiculously bad night’s sleep too. Got no rest, just lay there for hours. My legs feel really weak for some reason.

Don’t know what I have to do today. Must consult my to-do list. Really need to eat breakfast.

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To Do:

Consult List
Eat Breakfast


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Going out late tonight, won’t be getting sleep. Spilled bolonegse sauce all over me last night. Might get an ice cream

That’s all.

Where would I be without your help keith?

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Had a fucking weird dream where I was being kept prisoner somewhere, and I knew it was a dream but I knew real life was also shit (equally prison-based). When I woke up it turned out that was a dream within a dream. Really fucked up. Glad to wake up anyway, although I overslept by 50 minutes…

Still made it into work on time – hooray for the summer holidays.

Today will be spend doing the work I should have done yesterday, and thinking about food.

@he_2 feel free to PM if you need a chat.

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My 30th birthday today. So what better way to celebrate that than working 7-5??? Might treat myself to a bimble in the bike after work.

Got these snazzy new trainers from my fiancée, but they’re a bit narrow. Hoping they’ll stretch out a bit.