No Tuesday thread?

Ive caught the office cold but every day its a different symptom. Sunday I was achy, yeaterday I had the runny nose and sniffs, today got a sore throat. Would ring in sick but Ive only got 2 days left.

Remembered I have got Boris on Thursday. Cba

I’ve got Boris TONIGHT, and I absolutely can be arsed. Going to buy one of the limited edition distortion pedals, too, if they’ve got any left. I AM EXCITE.

Also using airbnb for the first time, so there’s that frisson of danger from fear of waking up in a bathtub filled with ice and my kidneys missing.

Off to barcelona friday so long shifts this weekend.
Long shifts.

I believe in you.

(Skipped mine yesterday due to mild sushi/beer-related ailments. Also skipped the main work one last Friday. Planning on skipping a Christmas party being thrown in my own house on Saturday, too. Aiming for a clean sheet this Christmas party season.)

Nothing to report

Got excruciating toothache. Have a dentists appointment tonight and have exhausted all the drug supplies so I’m off to the pharmacy to find some more.

Dunno if I should go to work.

Best steer clear of out-of-date beer and overly fishy sushi


Clove oil?

I saw them last week. It was fun.

I didn’t buy a pedal but they looked nice.

Speaking of steering clear (tenuous), I didn’t spot you at Cambridge station this morning. Although I was preoccupied by the 8.15 leaving from platform 8 instead of 7, which is literally madness.

Did you see how much they were, by any chance? Need to brace myself for the expense of buying a pedal that I basically already own just because it’s got some pink paint on it.

Guy at work is wearing a really inappropriate Xmas jumper today with three reindeer ‘Making Love’

Ah, that’s because I’m working from a different office today and so I drove to work. Did you see Warny?

Ha. Can’t remember exactly but I think it was significantly over 300 Euros.

I did not. I saw a colleague from my old job, though. Disappointments all round.

… fuck.

I have a huge ulcer in my gob and it’s nearly putting me off my hummus on toast.



another pish nights sleep and feeling very meh. fuck you tuesday.

Anyone know if Mildred’s in Camden is any good? I forgot to pack lactase tablets so would rather eat vegan tonight than risk missing the band due to a bout of the epimers.