no way

no way, ma na ma na

don’t get fresh with me


That’s still as bad as I remember it being, then.

Reminds me of Bis being on TOTP for some reason

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there’s not a lot of effort in this song

Like to see you prove that.

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yes way

this isn’t the bleeding provey songy show

That’s as maybe, but that will never stop me stanning proof

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Imagine if you met someone and asked what their favourite band was and they said ‘Vanilla’

I would assume they had misheard

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what would you think they had misheard the question as?

not telling

Now that’s a thinker

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you leave rodin out of this



this is exactly what I thought of when I saw the thread title



oh wait what

always thought this was Australian wtf

A couple of year ago BiS were on at a festival we were playing at.

They were hugely underbilled, and great fun. I was off me nut and tried to explain to everybody that they were the first unsigned band to feature on top of the pops, but I was just spilling drink and slavering on folk.