No Wednesday Evening thread?

I’m just home from work. Got a fish and chips chippy dinner supper to look forward to.

What’s going on, DiS?

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I had chips for dinner because I am an adult and that is a thing that adults are allowed to do sometimes.


Evening ccb and eps. Had sausages and chips for dinner. Watching star trek, then Liverpool match after

Im now quite annoyed that i havent had chips for dinner.


Had linda mc burgers and sweet potato fries, watching supervet, drinking a beer. Decent.

Mmm those burgerz

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probably going to go see that new Thor movie. it’ll pass the time


I’m speaking at a conference in Manchester on Friday. Doing a five minute slot where I am going to explain the housing crisis using only emojis (really). I’ve done it before at a Scottish conferenc elast year, retooled it a little bit for this. Just finishing up my speaking notes.

Gonna go see this in a bit. Marc Blucas! In a film! In 2017!


Just had some pasta for dinner. Watching Fallon. That’s about it.

Listening to that amazing podcast about ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ that Saps linked to. I have my bass out and I’m playing along and it’s confirming that I knew a lot of the album already, which is really cool.

Going to have a beer and watch the match before I call my GF, who is away on holidays with her Mam. Was going to go to a LGBTQ club night organised by some mates but I am too tired to dance.

A weekly fixture in the fourth household nowadays

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Accidentally called ex-disser judge_b. Then in the process of texting an apology, managed to accidentally call him again.


Which ones?

mozzarella ones, served on sainos brioche buns :yum:

Gotta do the brioche buns.


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Had a Dr Oetker pizza for dinner after standing in the shop realising I couldn’t be arsed to cook anything. Looking forward to getting home and spending the whole first week back making home-cooked meals.

I’ll miss living with another woman though, first thing that my Airbnb host said as I came in was “oh good you’re home, I want some wine” and we shared a bottle while bitching about the horrific maternity leave laws in the US (she’s American).


Got to read the short play that i’m going to be in. Turns out I’ll be in my underwear for most of it. Time to start exercising/eating decently!

I also accidentally have been a vegan for the last 2 days


hero :slight_smile:


Having fish, chips and beans for tea :yum: Was gonna have a banging homemade soup and a nice sourdough that I bought but we don’t have any spoons #asciishrug

Oven cooked or a proper fish supper?