No Wednesday morning thread yet?

Morning all, I’m eating peanut butter on English muffins with a cup of tea and I’m pretty pleased about it.

Got a deadline today so obviously I’ll be spending a lot of time on here.

wuu2 huns?


Morning Carmen. I’ve had 90 minutes sleep (not through partying, just couldn’t drop off) and now I’m just hoping to get through the day without cocking something up or suffering palpitations.

Snowdrops are out!


Ive just got home from work and am now off for 4 days.

Gonna have a couple of crumpets and have 3 or 4 hours in bed.

Enjoy counting your paperclips at work, losers.


Was aiming to get in for 9 but… my onesie came last night and tried it on this morning and it’s proving very difficult to get out off.

Today is my Friday as heading back to Yorkshire tomorrow.

On my way to office. Am gonna be the only one in as everyone else (5 people) signed up to the most boring sounding training course. It’s gonna be great.
Actually the placement student might be in, but he’s fine

Show us please!

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Anyone fancy one of these for brekkie? A Scottish breakfast pie.


Morning all.

I forgot to have breakfast and I’m hungry. Send me all of your crumpets and muffins.



Im slightly ashamed to say that I would eat this.


fuuuuucking hell, nearly got blown into the kerb on my ride in :scream: pretty scary stuff

nowt much to report. free coffee day for me (which is good because the machine at work is STILL broken ffs), thanks three

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I’ve known hangovers where this would have been the pinnacle of food.

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A full one?
Wanna go halfers?

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Was supposed to be in the office today, but feeling a bit rough so WFH again today.


Found it hard to get the full effect.


Great stuff. You’ll never need to switch your heating on again.

Haha are you a bumble bee :honeybee:


I was going to ask where his wings were but…

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