No, weekly review!




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This is in binary, right?

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10 barelysugar


There wasn’t one last week either as I don’t feel that people were providing the honest feedback we needed



strong showing in the vine thread until he fucked it all up with one that wouldn’t stop autoplaying, so marks deducted for that. overall 6 on 10. can do better.


And swiftly identified the issue and got it sorted for the good of the community…


doesn’t matter if you clean it up, still a major foul to puke in the taxi



has had a pretty good week. putting out some great threads, has almost singlehandedly kept the dayshift solvent. only slight criticism would be with the tendency towards quantity over quality, but no real concerns. 8 on 10 keep up the work.


Still though, deserving of a four point deduction!?


you don’t mark down from 10, you mark up or down from 5


I mark down from ten



Using a different marking system to japes, 4 on 10.


This is a fucking witch hunt



storming ahead of the pack in the ^this tally for the week. not sure what his game’s been? trolling the music board maybe? some clever football banter? or good old fashion ma0sm style vote rigging?

? on 10



great arc to the week with the lost wedding video thread. was emotionally invested from the onset, and fearing the worst… managed to leave it on a cliffhanger for the perfect amount of time and then everyone loves a happy ending. extra points for making bugduv look a complete bell.

8 on 10


no, weekly review!