Please let this thread sink to the bottom of the boards

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best of luck mate

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Aw. I’m touched


Thanks for the invite to this thread @Balonz

No problem

isnt that the whole point of this




@NoahVale So… how many are you hoping to tease out in 2018?

I actually used to keep a chart, a LONG time ago.

God I hope my mother never found that.

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I used to keep my toenail clippings in a small box.

I wonder if @NoahVale would like them to wank over?

You mean this exists, is out there, and you’re not sure where it is?

Once a day for me. European porn mainly, sometimes a bit of vintage Scandinavian. Into a worn sock and just chuck it in the laundry basket. Two minutes tops.

This was before I had a computer so it was a physical hard copy (fnarr), i.e.a bit of paper. I don’t remember what I did with it but presume I must have thrown it out at some point. I still keep my old teenage diaries and I’m wondering if it’s in one of them, I’ve been meaning to dig them out.

I think my mum did used to go through my stuff while I was at school which may have included reading my diary and if she did, she probably read much worse stuff than that.

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I do find that as one gets a little older things get more ‘seasonal’

Huge spike when your mum goes on holiday.

When your mum goes on holiday

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I was wondering why she had booked three weeks all inclusive in Derbyshire.

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I think it might be time to return to the boards. Can’t believe I’ve missed this and the sexy polls thread ffs


What a comeback

old man dis ain’t what it use to be, ain’t what it use to be, ain’t what it use to be

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