Nobel prize for literature 2017


Ed sheeran


Twentynine, Cycling Thread 2.0


Yer auld dad


If Marlon and Roscoe don’t get it, I’m gonna be steamed.


Ishiguro is great, so good choice there


I’ve only read one of Ishiguro thing, the Buried Giant, which was quite good.

not as good as :heavy_division_sign: though


fuck off has it been a year since Dylan won it


eurgh - someone who writes literature. how utterly conventional.


Prefer his earlier work



Only read Never Let Me Go. Thought it was ok.


Been chewing on this a bit. I love his writing but i’ve never read what i see as the big two (remains of tge day and never let me go) coz i feel i know too much about them already but a pale view of hills is amazing and the unconsoled is probably in my 10 favourite novels of all time even though i found it infuriating. Dunno what it really means to deserve these things but i’m glad that he’s won it somehow.


More suited to the Booker than the Nobel.


guildford’s finest (not much competition)


Not a big fan of the Nobel Committee, although I think your assessment is a bit harsh pal


Has Dylan (rightly) won it again?!


I avoided reading Remains of the Day because I knew too many people who gushed about it and it seemed really boring and worthy, but then I actually read it and it’s fucking staggering.

Also, he’s apparently a really nice dude. My old colleague once went to his house to interview him, they were meant to have an hour chat and they ended up spending the whole day together jamming on his sweet collection of guitars and going through his extensive film collection.


I reckon i’d probably get on with it except that i’ve seen the film versions of it (and never let me go) and have a real tough time reading novels after having seen an adaptation already.


Big fan of how he banged out remains of the day in a month, that’s the dream


Watched the film of never let me go, didn’t like it. Haven’t read any of his books.


I did not think this was OK but apparently it’s far from his best.

I should probably read one of the big two though.

Quite enjoyed all of the hype on The Guardian website before they announced it, and the feature on N’gugi wa Thiong’o who is awesome.