Nobody doing the Wednesday thread, then?


I feel like toilet. Called in sick, going to get doped up on drugs and play Titanfall 2 (badly) and Netrunner (middlingly) all day.


I also called in sick. Haven’t felt this groggy for fucking ages. Bleurgh.

Probably going to read a book or sleep or something :face_with_thermometer:


hello good morning I actually feel pretty good



I did two half days at the end of last week due to being ill. First actual sick time I’ve had in like 2 years. Clearly the season for it. Today I will be working, doing a bit of climbing training - done something to my toe which means I can’t do actual climbing :frowning: Then tidying the flat to prepare for my mum staying with us for 3 nights. Yay…


I feel great!


Im listening to Use Your Illusion 1


It’s no Use Your Illusion VII: Axl’s Revenge


Why is it so warm?


Awful weather this morning. Thanks to the walk to work I’ve now got very damp jeans and cold legs. Just realised I forgot my keys as well. Life is unfair.


Due for release 2453


I ran home last night and it was so hot and humid. I didn’t even wear a coat this morning.


can’t decide if i just have trapped wind or if i’ve done myself some actual mischief but either way i’m not feeling too good today. luckily only working for a few hours and then gonna bugger off.


Fucking hell, your resting heart rate is shit!


So I’ve quit my job a month in.

I think I’ve fucking lost the plot.


Yeah, shit hot!


What?! The Guardian one? I thought you were smashing it. S’up?


I’m not feeling well either. I’ve felt this grim every Wednesday recently though - I have a case of The Wednesdays.


Are you a journalist?

I’ve heard some not great things about working at the Guardian from people.


things must be getting pretty desperate over there judging by how much they’ve ramped up the donation drive


I know they only pay £60 for a comment is free article (and will try to wrangle it for free), and you have to take all the abuse from the comments.