Nobody going to make an evening thread?

Is everyone a dayshifter now?

Step it up people!

I need some company too :slight_smile:

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I had to sit and collect myself in the car before driving home because I had a giggling fit about Graham Coconut.

I hate you, @colon_closed_bracket

Other than that, quiet night in. Need to do some physio and maybe see about adjusting my bike saddle to be kinder on my genitals. Standard.

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Graham coconut? Must have missed something special there!

I’m writing out a blurb for our band for a festival program (instead of doing the work I should be doing). Pain in the arse. Almost worse than writing a CV.

Might meet an ATD later for a pint but I’d also be happy watching the Chelsea match at home. Going to reply to a message on OKC too.

It’s in the Revelations thread. I think it was one of those things that just tickle you at the time, for whatever reason.

had a nice vegan roast dinner, played a bit of video games, gonna sort through some records to sell now

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Heres a little version of a popular song for you all


Bam…this is truly brilliant.

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Tell me more about this dinner.

Don’t be silly now!

Linda sausages, roast taters and mustard greens with gravy

Congratulations. You did it.

it’s all coming up roses for Kallgeese?

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It’s okay. Completely neglecting the work I should be doing but I’m enjoying it.

Here’s another popular song by drownedinsound’s favourite band

work shmurk!

I’d be up for that!

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I’ve never seen Die Hard to be honest.

No Offence is back! Channel 4! Now! :slight_smile: