Nobody likes your music and it costs you a fortune; why don't you stop?

Why don’t you just give up?

I think about this quite a bit, and I’d guess others do too? Or maybe not?

Either way, I reckon it’s pretty interesting.


I’d lack anything else to mess about with to give me headspace, mostly.

Making music is basically my model trains

I’m like Rod Stewart in reverse


Oh good, my intrusive thoughts have started manifesting as threads now


In many ways I have.

Used to spend all my spare time doing it …lived a very single life and barely left the house

Now occasionally play a bit here and there but have mostly given it all up.


I am ‘seen’ as I believe the youth say


I don’t really make it for anyone else these days, and if I was ever to bother doing gigs or releases again then the audience would be so limited that I don’t think it would ever make any money (ambient improv glitchy noise guitar loops) (but would probably be quite fun hanging out with some likeminded folks), but I get a lot out of just creating my own personal soundbaths / noise raves. I wouldn’t go as far as describing it as a compulsion or anything, but I get a bit antsy if I don’t do it for a while! Kindof keeps me connected to my creative self, which I guess I think is an important part of my identity? Kindof see it as slight act of rebellion as well, like I’m not just consuming all the time, and almost a way of keeping connected to my younger self? Just think it’s good for the soul really. Also found it really useful during a difficult time during covid, I’m quite self sufficient, pretty happy just zoning out with my effects pedals for an evening.

Like I spend quite a lot on running shoes as well and I’m not aiming to get into the olympics or anything


Kindof enjoy it a lot more now I’m not actually trying to do anything with it at all - used to often find that a pretty deflating experience


I agree with a lot of both of your posts - the stuff about connection and the compulsive side of it too. I do get driven to try to bundle stuff up to do releases and that sort of thing, but I haven’t for a very long time and that’s definitely the bit I don’t like. I just like making things and I think it keeps me saner than anything else I do!

(Plus, because I am a big old cheapskate, I don’t actually spend much if anything on doing it)


Yeah sometimes I hit upon something which o actually think is really good and it’s a bit bittetsweet that I’m not recording things properly and trying to get things released or get some shows to play, but…urgh, that is all the stuff which used to get me down a bit, and that was 10 years ago

Do still want to do some shows :grinning:


Then what would I do with all this music gear shite


Literally spent a big chunk of the weekend thinking exactly this (except the spending a fortune part tbf)


But I really think my mental health and confidence and literally every part of me is better for having a creative outlet and something so rewarding to be able to think so much about and put so much like expression into


It isn’t ever going to make me famous or probably ever financially break even what I’ve spent on gear, but making music - especially writing music - is an absolute gift.

In the past few years I found myself working in a couple of very toxic environments, and the ability to crack out a guitar or a synth at the end of the day and shut off the part of my brain that had been coping with all of that was a proper lifeline.

I really think there’s something innate in everyone to create, and it’s such a shame that more people never have the opportunity to explore and express themselves in this way, whether because lessons and instruments are expensive or there’s too much focus on being technically good rather than just expressing yourself so people quit.

We have a 16 month old and he absolutely loves sitting by the piano or at my controller keyboard and bashing away at the keys to make a sound, and is already becoming more considered in which keys he’s bashing. He’s also started to realise that if you run your fingers across the strings of a guitar you get a nice sound, rather than trying to pull them off the guitar entirely. Hoping that he finds having instruments around the house that he can pick up and play at any time encourages him to keep using that creative part of his brain and he feels the same sense of satisfaction and joy that I do in the process of playing/writing. Success or no!


Much like everyone else, this is a thought I have quite regularly. The reality is that I’m making music for myself though, as much for the zen “forget everything else for a bit” as for the actual listening to. If someone else likes it that’s cool, but I’m making stuff that’s a niche of a niche so I don’t really expect much of a response from friends and family. If other people are into it that’s nice, but I’ll keep making it for my own sanity as much as any other reason.



(Also i’m taking notes)


The Smashing Pumpkins thread is up there :arrow_up_small:


I’ve only been playing guitar about 6 years, been in a band for about 5 years, never recorded anything properly and have only gigged locally less than 10 times so haven’t spent a fortune (yet). Prior to being in a band I used to support all my creative friends, whether it be in bands, DJing, book launches, radio shows, gigs blah blah, I’d always support the local network. Being in a band has been a shock because I haven’t seen that support reciprocated at all. Not quite an answer to the OP’s question/thoughts, hmmmm, but it is filling my head with negative thoughts, so does that count? It really does bug me. Some close friends show zero interest, don’t reply to gig invites or always have an excuse not to come, but then send out their own invites and ask “are you coming?” People on the Southend On Sea scene are awful for it, very cliquey. I’ve had it where we’ve played a local boozer inside and people I know and have supported have all been sat out in the beer garden instead. What the heck is that all about?? Is it normal? It does make me think what’s the point but then I do love band rehearsals and getting the chance to have a laugh and make a racket. The whole lack of support/interest has made me very picky about who I go and support locally now, the churning thought of “nah, fuck 'em, they’ve never supported me” is a regular one. Anyone else have this?

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I think that is kindof normal I’m afraid, and probably more so the older you get. Think the best time to be in a band and get supported by your pals is when you are at school really.



Yep, prob true. The really young local bands have proper whooping and cheering going on at their gigs. I’m just an old fart now with mates who go “meh” to anything beyond their own thing, or sofa if uncreative. Still, they could ‘like’ a song upload every so often.

Played a gig years ago, second on the bill with an actual proper touring band headlining, was absolutely packed and we were all ‘this will be cool!’ thinking the headliners must have a pretty big fan base. Some proper school kids were on before us, and when they finished I think we lost about 80% of the audience! It was just all their mates from school! Ha!