Nocturnal thread

Could be rolling, I guess.

Which of you lovely bunch are awake then? (non-GMT-ers included)

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eating more crisps

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Should really go to bed…



I’m awake but I should not be.

Hi :wave:


Being supposed to be asleep is a key factor of being Nocturnal.

I’m at work technically, though it’s chill enough to get some more Smash fighters.

Might need food though :thinking:

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Should’ve searched for who was Online myself!

I am going to be woken up in four hours or maybe less. Today daytime is going to be difficult.

Has such a good sleeping run for ages but it has fallen apart recently.

Should probably put my phone down now.

I hope work remains chill for you :slight_smile:

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Aye going to sleep now too Internet chums.
Eric - happy birthday mate!
Everyone else - Sushi dreams!


Been working from home editing a bunch of videos since dec 27th and ive managed to set my body clock to get tired at 4am and wake around 11, after pulling a couple of nearly all-nighters :confused:

Just hanging out in the American thread hello wonton how are you?

I’ll be up for hours Mrs NY on business so lets do it!

speaking of nocturnal thread. Average hours of sleep a night.

  • Greater than 5
  • Less Than 5

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exactly 5.

Cant remember the last time I had 8 hours undisturbed sleep.

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only time I can remember getting that much sleep was pills induced, so don’t count it. meat n potatoes sleep is about 5 hours but 3-4 is not unheard of.

would love to be able to sleep more.

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Its a curse for me, Im up every morning 4am no alarm clock, ridiculous. Mainly because of work. Crew onsite ready to rock at 6AM. Tough but have never been able to sleep my whole life. Probably wake up throughout the night at least 10-15 times minimum

So dumb too because Mrs NY is the heaviest sleeper ever, a rocket could go off in our bedroom she would be snoring through it.

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bedtime :wave:

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happy bday brother!!


its a fucking pain in the arse innit. must be worse if you need to be up that early though. 7 is bad enough for me. part of it for me is also worrying about the actual falling asleep part, and being conscious of the whole sleep thing and arghhh