Noel Edmonds vs the banks



That certainly tops this


Celebrities are so fucking odd :smiley:


Noel has a number of radio stations as part of his Positivity Radio World brand, including Positively Meditation, Positively Plants, Positively Southend and Positively 90s.


I assume his one for pets comes under a different Noel Edmonds entertainment brand.


Out of all the new age shit this still seems the biggest stretch


I quite enjoy a day out in Southend these days. Sunday walk along the sea that kinda thing. Get some chips and sit by the beach. Lovely.


I just tried to listen to a couple of his stations and no sound is coming out

The FAQs are just lots of weird videos of Noel


There’s loads of them


A girl from Southend broke my heart </3
Sounds like I’m taking the piss, but





does any noise come out for you though?


That is no piss taking matter Ruffers. Sad times.


I don’t have sound on this PC, so, thankfully, no.


How is it that he needed to secure a funder to sue Lloyds, but he’s got enough cash to set up a radio station for no other reason than to troll them?


It works here. I wish it hadn’t.

Also he’s got location specific stations for Bristol, Bath and Monaco. Why on earth does Monaco need a Noel Edmonds currated online radio station?!


Must be class being rich and nuts enough to escalate your beeves to this level.


I know I shouldn’t be interested in what a Bristol focused Noel Edmonds curated radio station will play. But I am.

Paolo Nutini - New Shoes appears to be the answer.


Go West now. Because Bristol is in the West of England. Great work Noel


Didn’t see myself siding with the banks, but here we are.