Noel Edmonds vs the banks


I heard yer da listens to Positively Noel



He’s such a fucking bellend.


He’s giving a hard hitting interview on Positively Noel right now.


and he rings in


Not as west as Edinburgh is though.

Nor as close to New Zealand.


Killing it on Positively Noel right now. Bills Bills Bills


My ex went to South Africa one a years kind of…placement training to be a doctor as it had the worlds highest rate of blunt force trauma and was aghast when she learnt they used ketamine for anaesthetic.

Thats right, aghast.



Be worried if I was Clive Anderson


Never thought I’d be on the side of the banks…


Fuck him up, @banks


? Kinda standard in a lot of places - we use it here in NZ in A&E. Not on its own; you get the morphine for the pain and the ketamine to help take your mind off the trauma. Knew some English nurses who worked out here, they seemed to think it was fine.


It’s not used much in the UK. It’s occasionally used if the patient’s fucked and can’t tolerate opioids for some reason.


Shame he didnt use his karma ray to make the banks nice in the first place eh


It follows Edmonds’ recently-launched Phone A Pet service, in which he offers to call any pet in need of a pep talk and offer “positive words of appreciation and motivation.”


like all magic it only works if you already believe in it before anything happens and in spite of if it doesn’t
clever magic!



Have you seen recent photos of him?

He looks like David Brent in fancy dress as Barry Gibb.


how on earth did this pass me by