Noel Edmonds vs the banks


The box, mug and phone largely echo my feelings on this whole thing.


Never topped this for me…




There’s something bewitching about Noel. The fact that he hasn’t changed stylistically in the past 30 years. Same hair, same beard, same clothes… And the fact that he’s called Noel fits perfectly. He wouldn’t do as a Malcolm or Adam, an Ian or a Madam. Noel is perfect.

He’s lunacy wonderfully personified.


The world’s least self aware man


Remember when he went to bat for some weird product or other that he reckoned would cure cancer? Can’t think of another still credible celebrity who’d do something like that.


I remember reading an article about that fairly recently. It did not reflect well on him at all.


Also telling someoje their cancer may have been caused by their negative attitude


Killed at least two people


I stumbled on it the other week! It’s fucking batshit mental



I saw an episode of this. it was bafflingly terrible.


Only two men won £250k on Deal or Noel’s Deal in 3,000 episodes.

True story.


He looks ridiculously old in this video, like he’s suddenly started to collapse


Can’t believe how many commenters underneath agree with him


can’t believe he has the gall to say all that shit to a cancer survivors face


I did an actual lol when the camera shows a wider shot and this charlatan is shown to be wearing jeans with his suit jacket and waistcoat.

What he said is absolutely batshit and VD did a pretty good job of exposing him


he must have thought the interview would be behind a desk


He’s going into the jungle… apparently. Biggins style metldown awaits?


He and Nick Knowles are going to slowly merge into the same entity, with totality being achieved 23 days in.